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To inform about gynecological diseases, spread the culture of prevention and share the experiences of women like you
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We are by your side for an immediate medical consultation. An AOGOI gynecologist, Italian Gynecologist Association, will answer your questions in 48h

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We create awareness, trust and connection by sharing experiences of women with diagnoses and therapeutic procedures such as yours

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We promote the culture of prevention through correct scientific information accredited by a scientific committee

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An expert of the Italian Association of Gynecologists will answer you in 48H

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Watch out the interviews with women who have faced gynecological problems like yours. Find out how many stories are similar and from each you can learn how to take care of yourself


See in-depth interviews on the most common gynecological pathologies. Our doctors explain in a clear and accessible way everything you need to know about your health


Your needs, your expectations, your dreams. At the center of a space of sharing and relationship

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