1. What is eutocic delivery?
  2. Is eutocic delivery safe?

What is eutocic delivery?

Natural childbirth is an event that women are able to face with their own strength. Eutocic delivery or natural birth takes place without the use of tools to ease the expulsion of the baby and without inducing labor by administering oxytocin.

It is advisable to attend a childbirth preparation course, to rely on the techniques recommended by midwives to promote labor and to use natural remedies to control pain and stimulate contractions.

Women that decide to give birth naturally manage pain without the use of drugs. Qualified personnel will also usually recommend positions to reduce pain, frequent movement and light meals.  

A vaginal examination is carried out before delivery to determine the exact position of the baby and to verify if the baby’s head is in line with the canal. When the neck of the uterus is thin and dilated, women are told to push at each contraction in order for the baby’s head to move through the pelvis. Once the head is ejected, the baby’s body is rotated so that the shoulders are in anteroposterior position; the head is lifted slightly and the back shoulder slides above the perineum followed by the rest of the body. The newborn’s nose, mouth and pharynx are then suctioned with a syringe to remove mucus and liquids, helping the beginning of breathing. 

The umbilical cord is usually cut 2-3 minutes after birth, in order to ensure that enough blood arrives from the placenta to allow the newborn to have a greater iron supply for his optimal adaptation to extrauterine life.

During natural childbirth some complications may arise, like in case the baby’s head is very big or if the baby has some difficulty to come out. In these cases, it is necessary to execute an episiotomy with an incision of the perineum.

During the first week after an eutocic delivery with episiotomy, women may experience some pain caused by the wound and its healing may be quite long and uncomfortable.

Is eutocic delivery safe?

Most women who give birth naturally are satisfied with their experience. The safety of this event is guaranteed by the work of midwives who, following safe procedures, assist the mother with constant care.

Women can decide to go for eutocic delivery if they are in good health, if pregnancy has progressed naturally and if there are no risks associated to childbirth.

Natural childbirth is not indicated in case women have previously had a c-section or for those women whose baby is in a transverse (lying sideways) or breech position (feet first).